Loudoun Babe Ruth provides a structured, instructional and competitive baseball program for all Loudoun County youth aged 13-18.

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The Greater Loudoun Babe Ruth Board of Directors (“BOD”) is proud to announce the formation of a Player Advisory Council.  Similar to a school student council, the Player Advisory Council will consist of players who actively participate in Babe Ruth.  To be considered for participation, currently registered players must submit this form to the BOD expressing interest by 4/3/2023.

What is the Player Advisory Council?

The Player Advisory Council is a self-organizing group of GLBR players who will share their perspective with the GLBR BOD on league issues and assist with league operations including:

  • Special Events - Opening Day, All Star Games, Home Run Derby, etc.
  • Social Media Outreach
  • Opinions/Input on scheduling, uniforms, policies at the request of the GLBR BOD

Why is GLBR forming a Player Advisory Council?

The Player Advisory Council will bring benefits to GLBR and the youth we serve by:

  • Reinforcing the mission and values of the organization to internal and external audiences
  • Providing a voice at the governing level of the organization on behalf of the population being served by the organization
  • Bringing a fresh perspective and reaching new networks
  • Developing the next generation of organizational leaders
  • Establishing mentor-mentee relationships between youth and leadership of the organization

Who will make up the Player Advisory Council?

Any player who has played at least 3 seasons over 3 calendar years is eligible for consideration.  Interested players will be required to submit the Player Advisory Council application by 4/3/2023 and receive approval by the GLBR Board.

When will the Player Advisory Council meet?

The Player Advisory Council will meet monthly, the Sunday night before the Board of Directors monthly meeting.  This PAC meeting will be independent of the regular GLBR board meeting.  A representative of the GLBR board will be in attendance. 

How will the Player Advisory Council operate?

The Player Advisor Council members will vote for their own leadership.  A PAC leadership representative will report their progress to the GLBR Board during their regularly scheduled board meetings.

The PAC will maintain an on-going dialogue with the BOD regarding issues introduced by the Board or identified by the PAC.


Please sumbit questions or comments via e-mail to board@glbr.org.